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I wrap your gifts

Gift wrapping

Luxurious jewelry deserves sensational packaging! Nothing feels better than receiving or giving a beautifully wrapped gift.

You don't have to worry – I already thought about everything! I wrap all the gifts you buy at the boutique in golden tissue paper, swathe with a silk ribbon, and tuck them in cases or tiny duvets, designed specially for Kate&Kate. Then I put a package like this into a bag adorned with glitter – the handles were inspired by my love of sailing – and spray it with a haze of scent. The gift is ready! Recently, my friend showed me a beautiful, golden kitchen and... I got lost in dreams. Gold has been endorsed by the biggest names in fashion, like Dior or Chanel. I think this might become my favorite trend!

If you order your gift online, I will attach a tiny, satin duvet or a pouch, that will ensure jewelry can travel safely, as well as a special box and a ribbon. I love to spoil women!

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Kate&Kate Opakowania
Golden, glittery bags... Ready to be given!


Kate&Kate Opakowania
A pouch with treasures inside... Every little girl's dream can become reality ;)